"I had an absolutely wonderful prenatal massage yesterday. Very attentive and considerate of everything that could be bothering a 8 month pregnant woman. I left feeling wonderful and plan on coming back relatively soon." -Whitney M.

"Holli is fabulous. I tried a few other local therapists before finding Holli and she is by far my favorite. She really listens to you and customizes the massage accordingly. My husband and I both get appointments about every six weeks and always leave feeling great. She is always professional and keeps a clean, comfortable space." -Kristen D.

“Holli might be small, but don’t let her stature fool you… she is mighty! She knows how to work out all the knots in your back and applies the perfect pressure each time. Whether you need a deep tissue massage or just a relaxing hour away from life… she is the therapist for you! Highly recommend.” –Amanda G. 

“My hip and back pain is 95% improved after two sessions. My agonizing knee pain is unbelieveably so much better. I can’t believe it. I am a nurse and feel less nervous about going to work tomorrow because of fear of pain. This is the best Christmas present of all- to be pain free. Thank you Holli for your knowledge of the human anatomy, your professionalism, and your professional touch.” – Regina N. 

“Holli you are the best. All my back pain is gone. I get bad leg cramps that wake me up in the middle of the night, I would not sleep well at all. The massage greatly improved my leg cramps. I am able to get a restful full night sleep.” –Maddie 

“As someone in his 50s, who is trying to be a competitive athlete, I am grateful to Holli for making it possible for me to continue training. I go on a weekly basis and find it indispensible for keeping my body in working order. Holli is a professional, polite, and down-to-earth person. She makes one feel comfortable and relaxed, and that’s before the massage even begins. Highly recommended!”- Tim M. 

“Based on my past experiences, I would describe Holli as a major league expert. Additionally, her office environment is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, and the location is perfectly situated near the Long Island Sound on Main Street in Niantic with all its New England charm. “ –Marty 

“Holli is extremely talented and knowledgeable. She finds the tension and knots without even needing to be told where they are, and works with great care. I am happy to say I found my new massage therapist and plan on returning regularly. You will not be disappointed!” –Dustin 

“By pure chance I learned of Holli and her office. It was exactly what I needed at a difficult time in my life. I recommend Holli in the highest way. She is professional, knowledgeable, and brings genuine human concern to her work. As an example, without saying anything, Holli identified stress in my neck, and has gently been working on this area. The results include less headaches and great mobility. The office is clean, peaceful and provides a sense of safety. The massage is excellent and the cost is most reasonable. This form of therapy is beneficial on many, many levels and I would not hesitate to refer others to Therapeutic Touch. Holli has certainly helped me! Thank you!” –Greg 

“I’ve been coming to Holli for about six months now and couldn’t be more grateful to have found her. Lifting heavy weights six days a week does a number on your body, regular visits with Holli have become essential to my lifestyle. She is more than accommodating to my hectic schedule and I would refer her to anyone!” –Jennifer M. 

“Consummate professional, completely thorough, extremely knowledgeable and exceptionally affordable. Clean, friendly, relaxing environment and appointments are a breeze to make. Holli took the time to really understand my problematic ortho issues resulting in truly therapeutic sessions. Her 90 minute deep tissue sessions are unequalled in their awesome-ness!! I’m so glad to have stumbled upon TTMT. Holli’s one of the best out there!” – Jeff K. 

“I had a great experience. Holli is very professional and very good at what she does. The environment is clean and relaxing. I have had many massages and she is one of the best.” –Russ C. 

“I recently went to TTMT for a massage and it was amazing! The best massage I have ever had. I recommend Holli Nye to all my friends and family because I fully enjoyed the experience.” –Jen S.

“Holli is extremely professional and truly a fibromyalgia patient’s lifesaver. She makes my life so much easier to live!” –Kelley K.

“All day long at work I’m hunched over a computer or microphone so the relaxing atmosphere and soothing massage at TTMT was exactly what I needed!! Ive been getting massages for a long time and have tried many different places but I have to say TTMT without a doubt is the best!! The pricing is great so I can come in more often and Holli always works with my busy schedule!! Such a great treat for myself and I cant wait for my next appointment!!” –Amanda S.

“Holli was able to make the atmosphere very calming and comfortable for me. She worked on the places I needed it most, without me actually telling her where! It was like she knew. I left there feeling wonderful. I want to feel like this all the time, so I will be going back on a regular basis or whenever possible. I highly recommend Holli to anybody. Thank you for making me feel like myself again!” –Ashley W.